How to use Immediate Breaks in Logosys

How to use Immediate Breaks in Logosys

Immediate breaks is a option provided in Logosys playout to play any content immediately without effecting your current schedule content or ON AIR content. 

How it works

  1. Immediate breaks option is available in Playout > Advance Options > Immediate Breaks
  2. Click add files in immediate breaks using add file button of immediate break interface. ( its is also possible to add multiple files in immediate breaks )

  3. Click on play now button to play immediate breaks when prompted select YES

  4. Immediate break will pause your primary playlist and play immediate files in immediate breaks to broadcast ( ON AIR )
  5. After playing files in immediate breaks primary will resume from where it was paused from and continue playing your primary playlist.
Notes : Immediate breaks will not work on GAP Fillers it will on execute when primary playlist is ON AIR

Training video in hindi

Training video in telugu