How to use Skype source in Logosys

How to use Skype source in Logosys

With Skype 8.25 version on Windows and Mac, Microsoft added an NDI integration. So it's possible to use the NDI source from Skype in Logosys.

What is NDI

NDI ( Network Device Interface ) is a free protocol for Video over IP, developed by NewTek. You can read more about this protocol on the official NewTek site or Wikipedia.

How to setup Skype


  1. Latest version of Skype installed - version or higher. On Windows, make sure you install the Skype for Windows application and not the Skype for Windows 10 app.
  2. Latest version of Newtek's NDI Tool Pack which contains the NDI Virtual Input program in order to send a virtual camera output to Skype from Logosys.
  3. A licensed copy of Logosys 6.4 or higher

Open Skype and click on the 3 dot menu button at the top left. Then select Settings.

In the new window that appears, select the Calling tab. Then select Advanced.

Next, click the button to the right of Allow NDI usage to enable it.

Now when the Skype call happens, NDI source will be automatically created on the machine. And it's possible to receive it with NewTek NDI tools and Logosys.

How to use the Skype video as the source in Logosys

In this context, the NDI it's just another type of the Live sources and should be managed in the same way like another Live source. 

There is an article that illustrates how to receive and publish NDI.