Release Notes

Release Notes

What's New in Logosys Software

 Core Features Updates

  1. Fixed "audio_gain" property.
  2. NDI -- updated to 4.6 version
  3. BMD - updated to 12.2 version.
  4. BMD -- updated to the 12.0 version
  5. Major update for Blackmagic devices compatibility - 11.6 drivers are required
  6. NDI - updated core components to the 4.5.3 version
  7. Updated BMD components to 11.5.1 version
  8. Improved RTMP streams playback stability
  9. NDI is updated to 4.5 functionality
  10. FFmpeg components are updated to 4.2
  11. Fixed RTMP buffering problems
  12. Fixed playback of YouTube streams
  13. Updated NDI components to 4.1.
  14. Updated Blackmagic components to 11.4.
  15. Added a new Decklink API implementation - "bmd.new_api" property.
  16. Added 8K formats support
  17. Improved audio normalization - added a property "audio.rms_forward_time" (default value is 3.0) - to precalculate required data for audio normalization.
  18. Added HEVC 10bit encoding support for NVENC - there is "video::output.10bit='true'" attribute for encoding configuration.
  19. Added RTMPS streaming support
  20. Updated DVB streaming components
  21. Added 10bit input and output support for Blackmagic devices
  22. NDI updated to 4.0
  23. Optimized scaling quality in the CPU mode.
  24. Support for NVIDIA-powered video encoding in Cloud instances and RDP (in WDDM and TCC mode).
  25. Optimized scaling quality.
  26. Color correction with matrix transformation with the "gpu.rgb_transform_matrix" property in the GPU-pipeline mode.
  27. Optimized stability of all objects in the GPU-pipeline mode.
  28. Updated Blackmagic components to 11.2 version. ( Important! Make sure that you use the latest drivers.)
  29. Fixed NVIDIA encoding hangs on multiple encoding.
  30. Fixed RTMP streaming for Intel Quick Sync encoding in the "mfcodecs=true" mode.
  31. Fixed closed captions processing on specific boards - Decklink 4K Extreme 12G, Mini Monitor 4K, etc.
  32. The property "bmd.output_link" is set to "single" by default.
  33. Fixed "bmd.duplex_mode=half" mode.
  34. Added AFD flags support.
  35. Fixed a switch between encoding files during an encoding.
  36. Fixed Closed Captions and SCTE-35 triggers for DVB streaming.
  37. Removed H265 options from RTMP streaming as not-supported.
  38. Fixed audio playback after seeking - now audio is smooth.
  39. Fixed speed up playback of files.
  40. Fixed a switch between files in the GPU-pipeline mode.
  41. Fixed RAW video playback.
  42. Fixed playback of 720x608 video - now top 32 lines are cropped from the resulting video.
  43. Fixed aspect ratio detection for the "decoder.nvidia = true".
  44. MCCDisplay - fixed characters appearance.
  45. HTML5 overlay - added "cef.remote_debugging_port" property to enable remote debug for CEF.
  46. MDelay - fixed video quality of the delayed video in the PAL format.
  47. Fixed StreamsRemove method behavior - now the other streams are not affected while the Mixer is removing a stream.
  48. In the GPU-pipeline mode, sync_mode=false is not supported anymore.
  49. Fixed re-initialization of mp-links as a stream on restart of a source object.
  50. If "background.direct_out=true", MMixer declines adding new streams - the mode is designed to work with the background only.
  51. Fixed WPF preview of an interlaced video.
  52. Fixed "audio_renderer.reset" property for DX11-based preview.
  53. Improved scaling quality of a preview.
  54. Fixed playback rate control is there is no sound card on the system.
  55. Fixed a crash on exit from a full-screen preview.
  56. Fixed a problem of black frames on streaming.
  57. Updated FFmpeg up to 4.1.1 version
  58. Updated NVidia SDK components to 9.0.18 - it requires an update to 418.81 or newer NVidia drivers on your machines.
  59. Blackmagic Design components updated to 11.1 version
  60. AJA components updated to 15.1 version
  61. Bluefish components updated to 6.0 version
  62. As a part of the update, you can use DirectX11-powered preview with much better quality.
  63. Added a beta version of GPU-pipeline implementation - you can mix, scale, convert your video, use CG, HTML5 overlay, Chroma KEY with a power of your GPU engine.
  64. Files and network streams playback
  65. Updated a parser for YouTube links
  66. Fixed network streams playback reconnect

May 2019 Devices integration

  1. Updated AJA SDK to 15.0.2 - please, update your drivers accordingly.
  2. Deltacast - updated SDK up to v6.10
  3. NDI Added Fill and Key output modes

May 2019 Playlist updates

  1. Added a mode for internal format conversion for precise in- and out-points calculation. This leads to more accurate scheduling and playlist management.
  2. Bug Fixed
  3. CG - optimized colors calculation for better overlay quality
  4. Actually, for 3 months there are lots of them ;)

April 2019 Bug Fixed

  1. Time Ads bug resolved
  2. When playing time ads their was a problem with AM/PM configuration some time am ads where running in pm now that bug is fixed.

April 2019 Features Updates

  1. Automatically Update software option added
  2. Now when ever their is an update available you will get a prompt to update software and if you want to update it updates automatically

April 2019 User Manual added

  1. Our first version of user manual is pre installed with our software you can read all the documents

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