SRT Streaming in Logosys

SRT Streaming in Logosys

Starting with version 6.54, our playout software supports SRT streaming.

What is SRT?

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is an open source software protocol and technology stack designed for live video streaming over the public internet. If you want to learn more about its history, visit

SRT provides connection and control, reliable transmission similar to TCP, however, it does so at the application layer, using UDP protocol as an underlying transport layer. It supports packet recovery while maintaining low latency (default: 120 ms). SRT also supports encryption using AES.


Logosys SRT

There are two modes in the case of SRT streaming 
  1. caller - requester side ( srt://ip_address:port?mode=caller ) 
  2. listener - listener side  ( srt://ip_address:port?mode=listener )
These modes specify the network connection type - who is sending the request for connection and who is waiting for a request, it doesn't relative to the encoding or decoding processes, so your encoder could act as a listener and your decoder could be the requester. 

Pay attention listener should be run before the caller and wait for a caller connection.

In most cases, the decision about how is going to be a requester and who is going to be the listener should be based on your network NAT firewall rules i.e caller in most cases doesn't need any additional rules, meanwhile, with listener mode, you should be sure that you have a specific port forward rule